Hello dear ones! Grateful to say my Lupus Nephritis has gone back into the closet for a spell.Terrible stuff, my mother had it so badly and her mother/ my grandmother, was crippled with Rheumatoid Arthritis. Such is the cruelty of these autoimmune diseases.

So, here is my story
.of late.I was having the worst lupus flare of my life - enough to send me onto steroids for a week. I felt SO much better (but a little out of my mind from the steroids) so I got it in my head that I needed go outside and do some gardening. I proceeded to trip over my own two foot tall garden fence and ended up on my fanny with a hurt back. But that wasn't enough, because lets face it, no painful injury is complete without a nasty case of the flu. lol

Living Murphy's law to the max,



Dear Friends,
Welcome to Chineseastrology.com. These past 20 years on the web have been amazing and I have known some of the best of times!  I carry these wonderful memories close to my heart. The intriguing people I have met, venues such as the AMMY's (Asian American Movie & Music awards) and SIRIUS XM radio remain some of my favorites. Also, there is no greater thrill, than to see one of your own books in print on the shelf at a Barnes and Noble bookstore. I have been blessed.

However, I also know the pain of fighting web piracy, breaches of my copyrights & getting the short end of my publishers "creative financing" on royalty checks; but, all these were trivial compared to the domestic violence I endured for almost 4 years. I lost almost everything and escaped from a controlling, violent husband in 2012. I spent time in a battered women's safehouse. At one point I felt so hopeless and beat down that I really wasn't sure I wanted to go on... a very dark time for me. :(

Instead, I made the choice and found the strength to get back up on life's horse.  I needed to rebuild the train wreck that was my life and my career. I found new hope, in a new state and started on the road to healing. To my surprise (while I was sleeping, so to speak) when I got back on the web, I noticed that everyone and their uncle had become a "Chinese Astrologer". One woman (a self-proclaimed psychic) has been using my material as her own for years! ...really? 

However, throughout the years and all of the changes, this website has always been a reflection of my heart. These days I.spend my time writing and teaching. My health has taken a dive from the auto-immune disease I suffer from (Lupus) and frankly, I never completely recovered physically or emotionally from the domestic violence. Your energy and presence here is essential and means the world to me! Visit often and if there is anything I can do to make this website a better place, please let me know.


Shelly Wu